Four years Honest

Join us at Thkio Ppalies as we celebrate the fourth year of Honest Electronic with a triple release event which marks the simultaneous release of 15 artists.

💛 spivak presents; silk cult (selects)
💛 coral bay (dj)
💛 krimson vial (live)
💛 panayotis (live)

💛 T-Shirts & Tote Bags
💛 V.A. — Dishonest04 Sampler (12” Vinyl) Includes: Joralsky, Krimson Vial x Maria Spivak, M.GIbbosus, AyGeeTee, MYHN, Androula x RAW SILVER
💛 BillyD — Motorik (Digital Remastered) - Free Download
💛 BillyD — Motorik (Digital Remixed) (Includes Remixes by: ArgyK, Alex Tomb, Niko Mas, Joralsky, elektroniki, RAW SILVER, fngsrm)