is a combination of youth and nuclear pasta
Panayiotis Mina
Co-curated by Pyrgatory Studios and Nicola Mitropoulou

On the occasion of the release a signed and numbered special vinyl edition will be presented in collaboration with Polys Peslikas. The space will be open from 6pm onwards with the record playing on loop and the editions on peripheral display. An interval at 9pm with ‘is a 3some’, a performative reading by Panayiotis, Tasos & Nicola.

"is a combination of youth and nuclear pasta" vinyl credits:
All music written, sampled and produced by Panayiotis Mina
Limited edition cover artwork by Polys Peslikas
Artistic curation by Pyrgatory Studios & Nicola Mitropoulou
Vinyl processing and mastering at analogcut
Pyrgatory Studios, May 2024
All rights reserved