The body “as/is”: Extended annotations along the work of Phanos Kyriacou
29 October 2019, 20:00
Talk by Evagoras Vanezis


Writing as Performance (Lecture) Or Lyrical Criticism

threshold to a ‘kind of “there” there’ / voice touching ears


“hand holding things, choreography of holding in relation to the thingness of objects”
{Hand Holding Things, artist book by Phanos Kyriakou}


this case [this particular situation; this occurrence; this container; bodies, rupture sculptures, mothership 


a sculptural line spills out of the exhibition space / a mark in space reappears & maps its coordinates on ‘Treat’ – The Adventures of a Giant Midget, No. 59, 2015 // a doubling (in space, in time) that twists, a straight line has become a turn /// voided entrances, rolled-up garage door, custom made stools awaiting the activation of bodies displaying postures on them

Stool placed under the rolled-up garage door: [this case, is this the one? Your eyes are touching it right now. “Even the eye touches; the gaze implies a an unconscious touch, bodily mimesis and identification” (p.42)

For what writing is / is always other / at the limit of the other: a touch.
Better: ‘In writing, nothing other than touching happens’ (Jean Luc Nancy).
structural metaphor for recognitive understanding –
singular objects & globalised fluids, touching & seeing:
where does gesture become space,
when between the hand and thing, a plastic layer of synapses?
how to: mend with the sweat of our palm]


thinking thingness <=> touching thoughts
[only some body], a flesh(y) space/ing
interrupts sense /

“as/is” words were not a sensing matter,
Upsetting the intimacy of organs・
A kind of “there” there alleviates
the punctuality of bodies


Somewhere latent is a study on the question of how bodies [are] touch[ed] upon the legacies of minimalist sculpture

Somehere touch is another name for writing,
For ‘In writing, nothing other than touch happens’ (Nancy)

Somethere a poetic materialism makes matter pulse and joins everything together
Everywhere an archive of grasping thoughts and of walking lines of found necessities


“the psyche is extended and knows nothing of this”

Evagoras Vanezis