Photos: Alexandra Ivanciu. Courtesy of Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst.

The Broken Pitcher Forum part 02: Sonic Speculations
GfZK (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst), Leipzig, Germany

The artists Elena Savvidou, Emiddio Vasquez, Panagiotis Mina, Dimitris Chimonas & Zach Schoenhut, collaborators of The Broken Pitcher project, present a series of live and sound pieces in resonance with the exhibition (spaces):

Dimitris Chimonas & Zach Schoenhut: ouch, wow

ouch, wow is a physical composition of control and collapse, optimism and failure. Two male bodies navigate through the exhibition The Broken Pitcher responding to the works in a state of trance. By standing and falling, stumbling and rolling, the performers problematize the role of the viewer in relation to the apparatus for trauma commodification, serving as reminders of the impossibility of fully comprehending what is experienced. The work has been developed in the context of Xarkis Festival 2022.

Dimitris Chimonas is an artist, theatre-maker, and performer. His work investigates theatre conventions, devices, and frames through their use and abuse. Chimonas presented solo and collaborative works at the at the Benaki Museum (Athens, 2016), at the Young Artists Biennale (Tirana, 2017), at the Window Laboratoire (Paris, 2018), at the Prague Quadrennial of Space Design & Performance (2019), at Hot Wheels Athens (2019), and at Cabaret Voltaire (Zurich, 2021), amongst others. He is the co-founder and curator of Sessions, a programme of queer happenings (Nicosia, Oct-Dec 2022). He graduated from East15 Acting School in London (2012 – 2015), and attended the Home Workspace Program at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut (2018-2019).

Elena Savvidou: time;(

Elena Savvidou’s work is deliberately influenced by the contexts she performs in. In time;( – an abbreviation for: tears in my eyes – she explores the delicate and almost muted sound of breaking clay. She recreates functional objects kept as mementos using clay in its multiple stages: slip, wet, leather hard, bisque and glazed. Performing these objects, Savvidou invites people to actively listen to their fragility or any hidden memory they might hold.

Elena Savvidou is an artist working with sound and a musician working with performance art. She has performed in festivals in the UK (Fierce Festival) and Germany (Tresor) and in local events organized by Moneda, Honest Electronics, and Subaerial. She has also participated in exhibitions at Cyprus-based artist-run spaces Drive-Drive and Thkio Ppalies. Over the past three years, she has been curating her own monthly show, Coral Bay, for Noods Radio UK.


Infinite Returns is a performance lecture by Emiddio Vasquez, founder of the Cyprus-Arizona record label, sound event series and publishing initiative Moneda. Drawing on the esoteric lingo from the financial world and its Powerpoint aesthetics, the performance will look at the label’s work so far and its future development and promises of growth, amounting ultimately to a pitch towards potential investors for future funding.

Emiddio Vasquez is a Cypriot-Dominican electronic musician and artist. His practice deals with material transformations that blur encoding-decoding processes across media as a way of engaging with the larger infrastructures at stake. Drawing on memories of uprooting and his interest in audio, image, and computation technologies, his work explores themes surrounding the politics of visibility, mediated sensing, and the processes of subject formation, with a particular interest in the neoliberal subject.

Panagiotis Mina: skoulic-ous / σκούλικ-ους

An earworm suffers from an earworm

Panagiotis Mina is an artist and producer working with sound and image. He is interested in the concept of noise and interruption within cultural norms. Using sound, photography, video and music he explores the ability of different platforms to accept the inevitability of their demise and either create an alternative world using similar discourses or mock the existing ones. He is the founder of Pyrgatory Studios.